needs to have an active Live Support Team is one of the biggest market place for freelancing. Where you can look for work and also where you can look for talents to work for you. As is growing day by day it must need to take care of it Support team as well. Most of the time the Live Support team remains offline and even they don’t have a contact number to contact them directly to solve issues. I would like to request to focus on their live support team instead of changing their design in a regular interval. Clients and employees both need this facility and I don’t know why they aren’t focusing in it. Also there are several issues what needs to be fix. If aren’t going to have an active live support team it will be a disaster for everyone many people are facing this problem.

They have a system to submit a ticket where most the cases the answer become unsatisfactory. Sometimes people may be unable to describe well or sometime even they describe well the answer of those tickets become horrible. So I would like to request them to have a live support team with a number where people will be able to call them and will be able to solve their problem directly instead of submitting tickets and waiting for someone to be online in their support team. They are charging well from each and every single project from both parties so why they aren’t having this facility I don’t know.

Few times when we have chat with their live support team about some issues when they can’t answer of those legal issues they use to say that they have the right to close an account in so they used to treat right away. Not only me there are several freelancers who faced the same problem. I will be continue writing for to help to fix their issues they must know what kind service their support team is providing. I am confident enough to get a good response from other freelancers who have faced the same problem or who are going to face these kind of problem in near future.

Benefits of using led sign board for your company

For your business you need some important things to advertise your products. One of the most important things is sign or display of the products of your company. Suppose you are an owner of a restaurant which one is in very early stage? Restaurant signs are very important to draw attention to the customer that you are open for business and offering something new. If you want to drive people to the Restaurant you should use your Restaurant signs on the front locations or in the way of pavement.You want to advertise the menu of the best food of your restaurant.  So you need a menu board. Now a day, it is the era of technology. So you should use the Menu boards which one is digital. Menu boards are actually a list of available options, especially displayed on the screen for the customers. There are many companies where you can get so many types of Menu boards which will offer you the different types of features. If you use the digital Menu boards it will be different from other and it will be very helpful to you to make a great impact on customer by creating more interesting menu. By using this kind of menu board you can use the image and information of the menu. You can use also updating software which will make your menu more attractive to your customer. They also offer some touch screen menu board. In the digital board you can change graphics in a second. It is very easy to open snap, change image and can use portrait and landscape of each model. The snap change actually allows changing instantly the documents. If you present an eye catching display it will help you to demand more attention from your customer to your advertisement.

There are many leading signage company in your place to offer you the best Building signs to cover your building. They have the experience of several years in this field. They will assure you the best quality of building sign materials are used in their sign. It is one kind of advantage for your business that will help you to stand separate from other. They also offer a large range of option for completing your building sign. Like they use digital printing, acrylic sign, led sign, logo etc to your sign. By using the product from these kind companies you can make your building sign attract more business. Led signs are now very popular to all kinds of business owners. It is going to be more noticeable then a simple flyer. It is very capable to convey different message to you customer. Led signs will help you to allow the professional advertising through its message to the customer. It can be the perfect medium to promote a new product of your company to the customer.  So it is very important to someone to use the Led signs in a correct way and that’s why you will need to choose the best company who are expert and who have experience in this field for several years.