A ThermaSpice by SpiceFit Review


Cooking with SpiceFit ThermaSpice can let you access many health benefits. For instance, it can significantly aid you in achieving your weight loss objectives. It can also offer effective protection from chronic medical ailments including heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. It can play a leading role in fighting bacterial infections as well. Spices can even reduce inflammation, effectively regulate blood pressure and minimize blood sugar levels. These kinds of foods can also be a much healthier alternative to salt as food seasoning. The latter of which has been proven to greatly elevate blood pressure and strain the functions of essential bodily organs.

This product comes in a variety of unique flavors ranging from earthy to spicy, sweet, hot and everything in between. By their unerring capabilities to change bland meals into savory ones, spices will improve your palate, minus the extra caloric intake. Yet, if you haven’t used spices before, determining the best one for any particular dish can be difficult. This is where SpiceFit’s ThermaSpice comes into play. It provides a suitable blend of spices that can do away with the guesswork involved in utilizing them. Here then is a quick guide, which will enable you to understand these spices and make use of them more efficiently. You can now say goodbye to bland meals thanks to these super spices!


This spice isn’t only a seasoning egging. Rather, it can as well improve the taste of starchy potatoes in a very remarkable manner. Nutmeg can also be ideal when preparing dark meats like lamb and pork. If you wish, you can sprinkle it on green veggies, carrots or even squash.

Coriander seeds 

Coriander can effortlessly lend home prepared burgers and veggies a sweet lemon taste. You can also use it to prepare an authentic Indian curry. All you will need to do is mix ½ tbs of it with an equal amount of cumin and 1 tbs of curry powder. When it’s ready, you can use this curry with potatoes and rice. Alternatively, you can rub chicken with it.

Chili powder 

This spice furnishes meats and beans with a delightful exotic flavor. Also, it works exceptionally well with egg dishes, salsa, soups as well as stews.


Paprika can greatly enhance the flavor of scrambled eggs. On the other hand, you can be able to rub it on salmon fillets, prior to baking them. The distinct flavors of this particular spice can vary from sweet to spicy and even smoky. It can as well be an excellent seasoning for spreads like hummus. Finally, paprika can serve as a very good garnish due to its rich crimson color.


This spice works especially well in the preparation of pork. It can also be ideal in the cooking of stir fries, and can be a good ingredient, when grated, for bread batters. You can even utilize ginger to brew a nutrient-rich ginger and mint tea.

Crushed red pepper 

Red pepper is highly noted for being in an excellent position of adding a subtle tinge of heat to stews along with soups.

Fennel seeds 

This spice is at its very best when used as a key ingredient in the cooking of tomato based dishes. It is as well very good in substantially enhancing the flavor of roasted veggie dishes.


Cayenne is in widespread utilization in a good number of Cajun food preparations. It particularly works remarkably well when used in the cooking of a wide variety of seafood. For example, you can use cayenne pepper to make a paste with paprika, lemon juiced and olive oil. You can then use of this paste to smother shrimps with. At the same time, you can use this spice to make a tonic with ginger, lemon and turmeric. This homemade tonic can come in handy when you happen to be under the weather.


This spice is not only good for desserts as most people think. You can also use it in brewing coffee and hot chocolate beverages. Cinnamon can even be excellent in enhancing the taste of oatmeal together with a good number of veggie dishes.


Cardamom is frequently utilized in the preparations of lattes and chai. Still, it can be very useful in the preparation of meatballs and beet salads as well.

Experimentation is the key in effectually using ThermaSpice by SpiceFit in your cooking. There are virtually no limits to the different ways you can use spices. Additionally, there is certainly no ‘wrong’ way of going about it. So, don’t you think a good spice rack is worth the investment?