How Can The CFA Exams Help You Outside A Financial Career?


The CFA exams are surely very tough, you have to go through endless hours of studying and do a CFA mock exam every week in order to increase your chances for success. We all know studying 3000+ pages and doing a CFA mock exam every week isn’t an easy task, but for us who want to develop a career in finance we are also aware of the endless rewards. We all know how much value a CFA qualification holds in the finance world but for those who aren’t as interested, what good could it possibly bring them? Is it worth going through those long study sessions along with a CFA mock exam every week? How will going through such a tough assessment be helpful for them if they don’t decide to go in the financial path?

Well here are some ways in which a CFA qualification can help someone who doesn’t have a career in finance:

1. You achieve reliability in finance and analysis

When you’ve decided to change career paths, having a CFA qualification can be very attractive as having these financial skills is beneficial to any company. So you may lack the traditional skills of the job but this will definitely put you on edge compared to other candidates.


2. You will stand out amongst other employees

If you are working with the finance team of your company representing the marketing or tech department it is quite hard to get the finance guys to take you seriously, they will assume you know nothing. But having a background in CFA will make them take your opinions and requests a lot more seriously. You will be strongly credited for your extra knowledge and skills. You won’t get nervous when it comes down to financial details during meetings and you can easily gain the faith of your superiors.

3. You will have knowledge about financial aspects that cover all your personal needs

Be it mortgage, figuring out your investments or credit cards you will have it all covered. You can confidently deal with all your personal finances without hesitation.  Even if you just practiced a single CFA mock exam you are probably covered.

You can take the CFA qualification no matter what you’re up to. Although the benefits are less clear and regulated compared to, say an accountancy qualification, or an MBA, the relatively less time and money required means that it’s a lot easier to undertake. It’s definitely not lacking on the effort required though, so make sure you have a lot of willpower stored up.