Baby Bucket Hats

Babies need hats to go on their head when they go out and about.  But babies should not be dressed too warmly because they would overheat and are at risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Did you know that after you give-birth the reason the babies are given a hat is to keep the newborn infant warm?  But some believe that body warmth from the Mom is all that is needed.

When shopping for baby bucket hats there are a couple things to consider. For instance the season you are in.  You are shopping for summer. So you want to keep the baby always safe from sun and sunburn.  Also protect the eyes from the sunlight as well.   Here is a quick checklist for you the Mother to use when shopping for baby bucket hats.  First and foremost make sure it is a wide brim hat. And a wider brim hat is best. Make sure that the material it is made out of is light weight and dries quickly when wet. Also, if you can get the material that is protected from the sun, that is excellent.  The final piece of the puzzle is make sure that baby bucket hats have a double chin strap as the single chin strap may prove hazardous to your baby.

For instance, take the I Play Reg Sealife Bucket Sun Hat; this is a wide brim bucket hat which has UPF 50+ in its fabric for excellent UV protection.  It is lightweight and breathable material. It is made of 100% polyester.  Will you pay a lot of money for it? No you won’t pay a lot of money it only costs $11.99.

Also the I Play Solid Brim Sun Hat in Grey; the fabric is made up of UPF factor of 50+ for good sun protection.  It is made up of 100% polyester.  Please note that infant and toddler sizes tie under chin. It comes in sizes 0-6 months, 9-18 months and 2T -4T.  It costs $11.99.

If you are looking for a matching set for your son try out the I Play Gecko Bucket Sun Hat in Navy and I Play Green Gecko Ultimate Swim Diaper Rockets Trunks in Navy.  It is made of lightweight fabric with UPF 50+ fabric for excellent UV Protection.  It ties under the chin to stay in place.  It is 100% polyester.

The I Play Green Gecko Ultimate Swim Diaper Pocket Trunks in Navy is swim trunks with a diaper in it.  The trunk has a UPF 50+ in fabric. It has multiple layers of accident protection with fitted legs and waist to prevent little baby accidents in the water.  It also has leakage protection and wickaway lining.  It 100% polyester.  It costs $19.99.

Here is a list of top ten hats for babies that I found in my research of this topic while perusing the website for The Essential Infant Resource for Moms.  They are as follows:

  1. Reversible Floral Print Hat
  2. Pink Infant Sun Bonnet
  3. Denim Floppy Infant Hat
  4. Out of the Sun
  5. Cat Chasing a Butterfly
  6. Rickshaw Red Boho Designer Infant Hat
  7. Going Fisher Infant Sun Hat
  8. Little Seahorses
  9. Dora Legionnaires Infant Hat
  10. Embroidered White Floppy Mupsy Hat.

A lot of the shopping for summer hats comes from your commonsense and knowing your baby and what they are comfortable in wearing.  Also you need to find good deals as well with your local sales and your online sales.   Some of it can come from your family friends who have had babies before you and can give you the clothes their baby has outgrown.  The hats they have maybe good. Also if you are part of a registry when you go for your baby shower you can always request that the people buy you that as well.  But I think that you will find that if you hit the sales, and follow the advice I have listed here you will definitely find beautiful baby bucket hats for your family.  In fact, I think your baby will look at you with those baby brown eyes, and smile that toothless grin and ask for Mommy with such delight when you take her or him to the beach.  But not when you put on the baby sun hat.  But hey you can’t win them all huh? sells baby hats on the internet.

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