Facebook needs to have a live customer support

What I feel Facebook needs to need to be more active with their service and support. Why so? There are so many reasons I am going to explain few of them today. 1st of all Facebook don’t have a live support team so even you are facing problem you won’t get any help right away. As Facebook is the most popular social networking website and people from all over the world is using their service they must think about their security and privacy. Everyone knows that Facebook accounts used to be hacked but no one can take certain step right away as they don’t have a live support and even Facebook don’t have a customer support number where people will be able to contact and solve their problem which is really weird. Facebook is not only a Social Marketing website now it’s an Advertising Website as well. So I don’t know or I don’t have any idea why they aren’t thinking to have a live support or customer contact number. There are several fake profiles in Facebook and also there are several fake fan pages as well. Even some people have more than one account as well. Facebook needs to have a strict verification system by which we will get rid of fake accounts and buggers.

What’s most disappointing there are few profiles in Facebook with pictures and real details of a person but that person even don’t know He/She have an account in Facebook. They tried to contact Facebook to close those accounts but they didn’t get any positive response so far. I many people already experience this problem or known to this problem. I will request Facebook to have an active customer support which will help Facebook users and this way people will be able to solve their problem right away. I believe it’s not going to be difficult for Facebook to arrange a live customer support and live customer number. As they are growing each and every single day they need to think of to fix these simple issues. As a satisfied Facebook user I just share my suggestions as I want Facebook to hold it’s position.

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