Fur Fashion Learn What is New and Changing the Industry

Furs are a natural product as they come from live animals.  But the industry that deals with fur has a way of handling the issue.

Fur coats have been a part of the popular clothing, worn by people for many years.  In my research I have found that some owners of old fur coats take them to their furrier and have the furrier make them into different coat for the owner. You can change the length, buttons, type of coat (shearling, fluffy), adding leather, etc.  Now you have a coat like new made to order.  It is a good thing to check that out as a service where you purchase the coat from in the future.  The buttons are an accessory of the fur or a fur accessory.

There are some people who shop for furs that only like to accessorize in furs.  You can have a fur hat, in a variety of types.  Some others fur accessories are collars and cuffs.  The fur accessories are also mixed with suede and leather.  Fur accessories are like the new Starbucks.  You can buy a fur headband in a variety of designs and colors. Ear muffs as well are also made of fur and come in a variety of colors and designs.  You can wear your ear muffs under your hat, and scarf or by themselves. The thing to do with ear muffs though is to make sure that they fit you.  Make sure the size is altered for you. I don’t know if you can cut them as most ear muffs are one size fits all but as someone who may not be able to really wear ear phones and all I would think you may want to check that out.

I love scarves. So my thing is fur scarves. Now that’s a fur accessory you can do a lot with; tie around your waste, your neck and you can tie it around your hair or twist through your hair the fur scarf.  I can use it a lot of different ways.

You wear gloves in the winter. If you wear fur than you wear a fur muff which is the round fur that has space for you to place your hands inside and leave them there. It comes in a variety of brands and you can get them as a set with a purse. A lot of people wear the purse and fur muff set when they go out to events at the Philharmonic in the winter and don’t have to worry about driving. If you were going to an evening event such as a black tie event you can purchase a shawl of fur to keep you warm.  It is very tasteful and elegant.  Your feet can also be covered in fur.  Shoes are also a fur accessory. Some shoes are lined with fur on the inside and others have a fur trim around the outside like satin slippers with fur trim.

Now that you have learned about fur accessories here are some tips- always good to have tips. Know that who you buy from is knowledgeable about furs. Do your homework and research on the seller of the fur that you are buying from. Find out where they get their furs from and how they are handled.  A good furrier will know that information.  Make sure that they maintain and keep their furs correctly meaning that the warehouse the furs are kept in is the right temperature. See if they have storage and cleaning for your fur. See if they offer consignment, exchanges or remodels of your fur items.   Also you want to find out if you can ship through the company as well and how they ship their product to you. It is important to know how to care for the item after it arrives at your place.  I say this because at has in their frequently asked questions what to do with their product once received.  If you don’t think to ask it may not be in those questions so make sure it is one of the questions that you ask.

Once you have all of the above in hand now you can go shop. is an online vendor that sells fur clothing.  Currently they have a 10% coupon off of the entire cart of items you purchase on their website. They sell mens and ladies furs, sets, fur collars, jackets, hats and fur sets.  You can peruse their website at

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