Russian Fur Hats with extensive features

Russian fur hats have been known globally as the number one protector from extreme cold, wind and frost in winter. They are manufactured from costly sheepskin, muskrat fur and rabbit fur. Fur hats are sometimes manufactured with artificial materials, the artificial fur hat is also called fish fur because it is made of a different material than natural fur. The basic artificial hat, alias fish fur, is made from wool pile and a fabric substrate with cloth top. The cloth top does not cover the flaps where the pile is bare. In the arctic region of Russia the temperature of the frost can drop as low -400c  to -700c  and hats  are generally worn to keep the chin and ears protected from cold.

Hats made from fur have been in existence in the following countries and regions: Germany, Scandinavia and Russia. Wearing of these types of hats was equally popular among central Asian nomads and Scythians located within the arctic region. Usage spread to North Korea, China and even Eastern Europe. The fur hat was later to become part of the winter uniform of Siberian soldiers and even Russian soldiers. When the Soviet Union fell in 1991, fashion fur hats were exported to the US from Russia. They have since been introduced as components of winter uniforms of the police and military in the US, Canada and many more countries in the western world. Different versions include green camouflage for the military, gray for the American police and blue for the Navy.  The People’s Liberation Army of China also uses fur hats as part of the winter uniform. The Chinese style is popularly known as the Lei Feng hat by Mandarin-speaking people.

In recent times hats made of fur are designed to provide not just the highly needed warmth to but also pleasure. It is surely another way to show your fashion sense. The Russian fur hat is available in a variety of designs: mouton and rabbit ushanka hat, Gorbachev style, aviator bomber hat and diplomat style hat. These fashionable designs make your appearance elegant while at the same time protect you from the severe frost. You can obtain these beautiful hats in a variety of sizes and of course there are many fur colors to choose from. The fur can protect you further, the thick fur shields your head from sudden impacts. If you fall accidentally and your head lands on snow or ice, the fur will absorb most of the impact reducing or eliminating injury to your head.

Your choice of hat, however, should be determined by your environment.  Seal, otter or beaver are the best choices for tough environments because they are very tough and rugged. The downside to these top quality furs is that they are heavier than other furs. Mink, fox or muskrat offer good quality and are  lighter weight.

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