TruVision Reviews – A Third-Party Opinion

TruVision Health is a popular company, founded in 2014, that produces health and weight loss supplements. One reason why this company stands out is that it formulates its supplements with natural, plant-based ingredients. TruVision reviews on and off their official website provide useful information. They also prioritize user safety. This is exemplified by a well-known case in which the FDA advised users against consuming some of TruVision’s health supplements, claiming that some of the ingredients were not safe for human consumption. TruVision promptly responded, removed the ingredients in contention, and replaced them with proven safe ingredients. In this guide, we will discuss two of the best supplements offered by this company.

Available products

As mentioned, this company produces many supplements and products that are formulated to help improve cardiovascular health, maintain healthy joints, and remove free radicals. They also offer various supplements to improve sleep (truSLUMBER), balance blood chemistry (truFIX), and assist weight loss. These weight loss supplements include Energy and TruWeight. However, these supplements contained DMBA, a stimulant drug that works similar to ephedrine. As you may know, ephedrine had been used for many years by individuals to assist weight loss. However, in 2015, this ingredient was banned by the FDA, as it was found to be dangerous. After their FDA warning, TruVision has since modified their product offerings and removed the banned ingredients. TruVision reviews show that after they removed DMBA, these supplements still remain popular.


If you visit TruVision’s official website, you will find claims that truFIX can help you “tone up your blood chemistry.” How can a supplement “tone” your blood? truFIX is formulated with ingredients that help keep your liver healthy, regulate blood sugar, and regulate cholesterol levels in the blood.

truFIX Ingredients

TruFix contains various natural ingredients that work together to improve blood chemistry, lowering the risk of diseases related to poor blood chemistry. These ingredients include

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA)

ALA is a potent antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation. According to a study conducted in 2008, ALA increased antioxidant levels in the body. ALA can be found in vegetables, fruits, and meat.


This ingredient is harvested from cinnamon. It improves systolic blood pressure, regulates glucose levels in blood, helps reduce cholesterol levels, and prevents blood sugar spikes.


Chromium is another essential mineral for normal body function. This ingredient is found in various foods including meat, fish, cheese, eggs, herbs, potatoes, broccoli, as well as oatmeal.

Raspberry Ketones

Research indicates that consuming the raspberry ketones regularly will help reduce body fat. It’s also said to reduce plaque buildup in artery walls, promoting normal blood flow.


Magnesium is another vital mineral. It helps lower blood pressure and regulate blood sugar levels.


Copper is crucial for our health. While it can be found naturally in our diets, in rare cases people may develop a deficiency.

As you can see from the ingredients, TruFix seems to fulfill its promises. This makes it a good choice for people looking to improve their blood chemistry.


truCONTROL is another supplement that claims to lower cholesterol, improve liver function, increase metabolism, lower blood pressure, and help weight loss. It comes in a convenient tablet form that can be taken on the go. The recommended dosage will give you what you need for proper body functioning for twenty-four hours.

truCONTROL ingredients

Green tea extract

Green tea has a variety of health benefits, so it’s no wonder it’s used in so many supplements. It’s a great alternative to coffee for people who don’t like too much caffeine.


This ingredient gives you energy, improving your workout performance. It also increases oxidation fat loss and boosts the metabolism.


Yohimbine is a powerful fat burning ingredient that boosts adrenaline.

The final word

Looking at the ingredients in TruVision’s supplements, we can conclude that they live up to their promises. All the ingredients are natural and scientifically proven to have a positive effect on the user’s health. As with any supplement, you should combine TruVision’s products with a balanced diet and regular exercise routine to achieve your health goals faster. TruVision’s reviews show that they offer great products, valuable to anyone looking to improve their health.

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